Marc Shmuger & Louise Hamagami: GO Campaign Sponsors Refurbishment for Orphanage in Kenya

GO Campaign logo pic Over the course of his career in entertainment, Marc Shmuger, along with his wife Louise Hamagami, has supported the efforts of several nonprofit organizations in the LA area and beyond. In addition to donating to local organizations such as A Place Called Home, the couple regularly contributes to the GO Campaign, an international community enrichment organization headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Through its many outreach programs, the GO Campaign improves the quality of life for vulnerable children in countries across the world.

The Go Campaign partners with the Samburu Handicap Education & Rehabilitation Program (SHERP) in Kenya, which houses more than 150 children with disabilities. Although the organization provides a loving and nurturing home, the physical structure cannot currently accommodate individuals in wheelchairs. By renovating bathrooms and dormitories to include wheelchair accessibility and other functionalities, the GO Foundation and SHERP hope to have a tremendous impact on the lives of children residing in the group home.

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GO Campaign Supports Skills Education in Cambodia

GO Campaign logo pic As longtime proponents of community service and charitable giving, Marc Shmuger and his wife, Louise Hamagami, contribute to the GO Campaign, based in Santa Monica, California. Thanks to the support of Los Angeles donors such as Marc Shmuger and Louise Hamagami, the GO Campaign works with organizations around the world to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. The GO Campaign sponsors a range of community service projects, including the Skills for a Sustainable Future program in Svay Khleang, Cambodia.

In rural Cambodia, members of the ethnic Cham population face discrimination in both schools and the workplace, largely because they speak Cham as a primary language instead of Khmer. Through a strategic partnership with Community Connection Cambodia (CCC), the GO Campaign sets out to enhance vocational training for over 1,000 students every year. Participants in the program will receive instruction in topics such as English language and computers, both of which will prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. In addition to skills training, the project aims to repair existing structures, equip classrooms with desks and other supplies, establish an Internet connection, and purchase seven computers and printers.