Generation Rwanda’s Kepler University Program Offers Affordable Degrees

In 2013, the nonprofit organization Generation Rwanda launched Kepler, a program to provide affordable, U.S.-accredited university degrees to Rwandan students who show promise of becoming future leaders and agents for positive change. Generation Rwanda currently devotes the largest part of its team’s efforts to building the capacity of Kepler. The project is projected to expand to two additional African campuses in the near future and eventually to other locations in the developing world.

The goal is to extend the reach of the original Generation Rwanda scholarship program, which attracted more than 4,000 applicants in 2012. Generation Rwanda, previously known as Orphans of Rwanda, has provided extensive financial aid to talented young people who have demonstrated the potential to heal the social wounds caused by devastating civil wars and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Now, the Kepler university program aims to translate this effort to a larger arena, giving more Rwandan students the ability to develop academically and professionally, and to make lasting contributions to their country.

Kepler combines the best features of 21st century technology and the traditional face-to-face classroom seminar experience at the Kigali campus. The program consists of three components: Students engage with rich content through MOOCs, or massive open online courses, provided by some of the world’s finest institutions of higher education. On campus, they meet with teaching fellows who facilitate the same kind of robust debate and discussion that traditional universities provide, and who also offer academic advising and coaching services. In the third part of the program, students benefit from job training, placement services, and mandatory internships and work-study programs with partners in the business community.

Kepler students spend their first two years in the program developing fluency in a core curriculum of general studies, and cultivating language and critical thinking skills. Afterward, they concentrate on a single academic subject. Kepler offers a major in business administration, with plans in place to expand to additional fields in the coming years.

Students entering the program in 2015 will pay only $1,000 in annual tuition. The result of their work will be a competency-based degree accredited by the New Hampshire-based College for America, assuring employers that Kepler graduates will be able to offer the same kind of high-level skills that reflect the best of the American higher education system.